T.J. Huff...

was found by two mill workers in 1981, lying next to a single albatross in the outskirts of a remote village on the eastern seaboard of Germany. Having survived the first three months without any human contact, it is supposed that the lone albatross was the only contact he had, nurturing him, feeding him, and quite plausibly carrying him to that remote village.


At the age of 7 the Gulf War was in full tilt and Huff was captured during a siege and remained in captivity for the following year. While he does not, nor has ever spoken of that time, it is supposed that he learned his visual art skills in prison, carving with a butter knife into the wooden slats of his cot. From the markings left, it is apparent that he honed his rendering craft doing figure studies of Rambo and profile views of collies; memories impressed upon his mind before the capture. 


When released, Huff was relocated to a comfortable home in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his new family and his formidable years finally extinguished.


At the age of thirty six, Huff is a professional exhibiting artist, musician, and founder of  THE EXHUMISTS   (an historically based, and marginally important art movement of the 21st century).  Currently living in Brooklyn  with his  1.75 cats while trying to steer clear of the gallery scene as best as possible, Huff is working on a new series woodcuts, photographs, zines and albums.


Recently learning and pulling ideas from artists such as Diego Rivera, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, Larry Rivers and Jacques Hnizdovsky... Huff's newest work comments on the status of the current art world relative to its history. The oeuvre represented on this site is a selection of the most recent, or at least relatively pertinent work of the artist. Considering himself a “symbolist”, Huff’s work  is an attempt to juxtapose certain iconic imagery on some sort of auto-biographical, socio-political or historical level.  


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